To promote a fraternal spirit, strengthen friendship and promote each other's welfare among all members of the Police Department. This society is also active in charitable, religious and community events and strives to be a positive and moral force within law enforcement and the community at large. To increase our knowledge and understanding of the Greek Orthodox faith.

The Father in Rev.George Anastasiou NYPD Chaplain


Nicholas Biancoviso      President       
Helen Pampafikos         1st Vice President

Peter Hatzoglou            2nd Vice President
Michael Kormusis         Recording Secretary
Lambros Gavalas           Treasurer
Michael Fragides           1st Arms
Evangelos Nikiforidis   2nd Arms
Dina Bantounas             Health and Welfare
Floros Efstratiou            Marshall
George Tsourovakas      Public Relations

Demetrios Kaloudakis   Historian